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Called Leader (Formally Lifepro Consult) provides a step by step discipleship process that transforms lives, and the training you need to implement it.

Feel confident that your ministry is meeting the complex needs of those you serve.

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Start A Step by Step Discipleship Plan That Will Help Those You Serve Experience Genuine Wholeness and Freedom In Christ That Lasts.

When you purchase CALLED or THRIVE Step by Step Descipleship process you'll find a simple discipleship process and the training and materials you need to successfully implement it.

Feel confident that you are helping people get unstuck and stay unstuck.   We'd love to have you join our community of ministry leaders who are making a long lasting impact!

THRIVE is specifically created for Pregnancy Resouce Centers.  

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We will bring the ongoing trainings you need right to you, so you and your team can watch them at your convenience. We’ve been in your shoes. We know the struggle to keep your team growing in their ability to meet the needs of the modern client. Our membership based trainings are specifically geared towards those who provide services to women in crisis.

Our new client program,THRIVE, is designed to balance supporting a woman in addressing what is holding her back from God’s best for her life, while also supporting her in setting practical goals so she can begin to move forward. During the creation of these resources, we have gleaned from our combined 30 years of experience working directly in client services with women in crisis AND as professional counselors. We get the challenges you face in serving the modern client, as well as the dynamics of organizations that are often volunteer based. Our materials are simple and user friendly, yet profoundly effective.

Imagine a team of volunteers who feel confident in their skills and connected to the broader vision of your organization. Our membership based trainings offer best practices – tools, models, practical advice – to enhance what your team is already doing well and challenge areas that need improvement. Whether you're looking for new strategies to connect with potential volunteers, how to best utilize each individual's strengths, new training techniques, or ways to retain and support your volunteers in feeling connected and fulfilled - our membership is for you!

Where do YOU go for unbiased support? Have you ever heard of compassion fatigue? Maybe you are facing a difficult personal challenge, or feel that something is holding you back from God's best in your life. Or perhaps you are wondering how to take your client services program to the next level? Our passion is to serve those on the front lines . We’re here to help you. There is great value in having someone “from the outside” come in with a fresh set of eyes to process and review things with you, or to offer you the personal and confidential support you need.

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