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We understand all that you juggle.

It is our honor to share our combined 50 years of experience as counselors and ministry leaders with you. 

We support those on the front lines of leadership by providing:

  • On-Site or Web Based Live Training  
  • Workshops/Retreats for Teams
  • Speaking

On-Site or Web Based Live Training

Called Leader is available to facilitate a live training at your location or via the web.  Whether you would like us to cater a specific training to meet the needs of your unique ministry team, or you would like further training regarding one of our resources- we'd love to come and personally spend some time with you or faciliate a live training online.  To discuss the possibilites, contact us HERE. 


Compassion Renewed: Avoid burnout, get renewed!

What if your team could take some time away and come back re-energized, better understanding each others’ strengths, and having gained tools to further their collective calling?

Developing a healthy organizational culture that cares for its members and enhances their personal and professional growth takes intentionality.

As Called Leaders, we must learn how to navigate the work we do, along with the daily personal challenges we all face.

Called Leader’s team will arrive prepared to facilitate a memorable workshop or retreat centered around goals which best support the unique dynamics of your team and the work you do.

Our Compassion Renewed Workshops and Retreats strike that unique balance of structured and unstructured time, allowing for team building and connection, worship and spiritual reflection, professional growth and rest.

To schedule a time to discuss how we can best serve your team, contact us HERE.

CALLED for Leaders

Provide an opportunity for your leaders/facilitators to personally experience the CALLED process in a safe setting, amongst peers.  Kathy and/or Kelli will personally facilitate the CALLED process for your team live or via the web.

One of the greatest investments we can make as a leaders is in our own emotional and spiritual health and well being.  We can not lead where we have not been and it is essential that we grow in awareness.  

For more information, contact us HERE


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