What to Expect

When you purchase THRIVE or CALLED you'll receive a step by step discipleship plan that helps people grow in self awareness in key areas of their lives. They will attain better emotional healing and spiritual growth as they break old patterns and learn practical tools to maintain their freedom in Christ.  

We'll help those you serve get unstuck and stay unstuck, and give you all of the training and materials you need to get started.

Everything is housed online for your convenience, which will also make training your ministry team much easier.

When you purchase the THRIVE or CALLED Program it will help you confidently implement:

  • CALLED/THRIVE - An 8 step process that walks participants through identifying key areas in their lives that hold them back. They will learn biblical tools to help them experience and maintain freedom in Christ.  Participants at all spiritual levels will be able to identify and move beyond stuck places so they can experience the abundant life God offers.  Each step includes an instructional video for facilitators and handouts for both the facilitator and particpants.  
    • Step 1 - Personal Assessment
    • Step 2- Stepping Back to Move Ahead
    • Step 3- What Do I Believe? Part 1
    • Step 4- What Do I Believe? Part 2
    • Step 5- Grief and Loss (not included with Thrive)
    • Step 6- Forgiveness and Release, Part 1
    • Step 7- Forgiveness and Release, Part 2
    • Step 8- Where Do We Go From Here?  

Kelli and Kathy offer their combined 50 years of experience serving in ministry leadership, as well as their professional training as counselors, to support you as you help those you serve embrace the fullness of all God.

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