To purchase either the CALLED or THRIVE Program for only $250.00 email us at or call 813-817-1757

Discover tools to help you lead those you serve towards lasting emotional health and spiritual growth.

Make A Lasting Impact.

When you purchase the THRIVE or CALLED Program you will receive a USB drive that contains all the video training and handouts you will need to implement the program.

  • Instructional Videos for either the CALLED or THRIVE Program
  • CALLED Program: Handouts For Both Life Coach, Christian Counselors or Facilitators And Participants.
  • THRIVE Program: Handouts for both client advocates and clients.
  • Join a community of ministry leaders on the journey together towards helping people experience deeper levels of emotional health and spiritual maturity!

    Here's all you have to do:

    1. Call or email us at or 813-817-1757 to order the program.
    2. We will send you an invoice for $250 for the entire program of video training and handouts
    3. You will recieve a USB drive with all your videos and handouts for both you and your participants..
    4. You may use these materials in your organization with all of your staff, clients and volunteers.